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Performance rehearsal photograph of four actors
Tschabalala Self
Frieze Alexandra M. Thomas Press October 22, 2021

At Performa 2021, Tschabalala Self will bring to life characters from her paintings in a performance entitled Sounding Board. Understanding this commission as an invitation to experiment with the medium of performance, Self has written and designed an intimate work of theatre.

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Full-length portrait of Amy Feldman in her studio
Amy Feldman Osman Can Yerebakan Press October 18, 2021

Amy Feldman’s paintings have been gray for over a decade, a commitment which would be bold were it not so seemingly innate. In the Brooklyn-based artist’s alluringly abstract works, shapes float amidst gray-washed cosmoses layered with coats of gesso, paint, and more paint.

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Painting by Steven Shearer, The Collector's Visit 2019 Oil on canvas; artist frame 56 x 49 cm / 22 x 19 3/8 in
Steven Shearer
Artforum Mitchell Anderson Press September 21, 2021

Much recent figurative painting has sought, admirably but with some obviousness, to invert and destroy the genre’s entrenched hierarchies. More subtle is Steven Shearer’s examination of portraiture through the lens of those who construct and consume it. 

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Photograph of Adam Pendleton crouching in front of one of his silkscreen artworks
Adam Pendleton
The New York Times Siddhartha Mitter Press September 10, 2021

Adam Pendleton is rethinking the museum. Who Is Queen? at MoMA is the artist’s most personal and ambitious show yet, exploring how we might live beyond labels in American society. “I want to overwhelm the museum,” he said.

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